Through our art we make the unconscious conscious



It’s an interesting thought isn’t it?

When we are creative we access a different part of our brain. It is through this neural pathway that we can easily access our unconscious mind. (you know, the reason you end up at home instead of the post office when you are out driving for example, this is the unconscious controlling your actions).

How does this work in an art therapy context? Well, through directed art creation, that is targeted to achieve outcomes agreed to in our first session, you are free to create and explore those areas that sometimes are unknown, buried deep within our mind and also to articulate without the need for words, how you are feeling or how you see yourself.

I have seen it time and time again in sessions and online classes where my clients and students are painting away and then something is triggered in their mind and emotions that they weren’t expecting in any way. It’s at this time that your art therapist can help you to unravel what’s been triggered with further pyschotherapy activites and discussion.

I’ts always good to be in touch with our emotions. Art therapy is a vehicle that can help you to do that in a safe and non confrontation way where you don’t need to try and find the right words before exploring.

Cheers Peta



About Missladypetal

Hello my name is Peta, and i'm a mixed media artist, teacher and Art Therapist. I have always been a creative person and have found outlets in music, singing, scrapbooking, quilting and now I have settled into mixed media. As an Art Therapist, i help my clients lead more fulfilling and happy lives through creative expression. When you enter the creative space, you use the unconscious part of your mind and access deep seated emotions and feelings associated with issues that could be stopping you from living the life that you want. I use targeted art therapy creative activities and pyschotherapy to delve into these issues in such a relaxing and enjoyable way to better identify things that you may feel unable or unwilling to talk about in a traditional therapy setting. Mixed Media offers endless variety and I enjoy the freedom of art journalling because i don't have my studio constantly clogged with canvases that are waiting to be sold and I'm always 'Auditioning' a painting idea or technique in my journals before translating that onto canvas or board. I enjoy teaching art journalling and mixed media techniques to my online students and through lessons at various community organisations in the Logan Community of Qld, Australia. Come join me on my artistic journey and..... Learn something new today, it keeps you Young!

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