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The Feelings Journal – Affirmations


The feelings journal is not just about the days when we feel sad, overwhelmed or angry. We feel great emotions as well and the therapeutic tool of the feelings journal allows a us to establish a pattern of our emotional state over a period of time. If we never document when we feel great then this can give a skewed picture of our emotional health to our health practitioners.


Here is a page where I felt warm and happy with a note from a friend.

I set these videos to music only with no instruction so that you can embark on your own feelings journal session to soothing music and not be distracted by me talking.

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Considering Our Place in theWorld


I often wonder about the concept of 6 degrees of separation or how to guide my clients to an understanding of their worth to the world when often they don’t think that they have any worth.

I often find that group therapy sessions and courses help clients to feel validated and valuable as the other participants of the group encourage and build up the individual at different points. It is a human trait that we see good in others before we see good in ourselves so group therapy sessions offer a collective encouragement that individual sessions cannot. This collective agreement of what is good in another is one of the most positive aspects of group art therapy courses I run.

The ripple effect. That small things impact the lives of those around us, often without us realising it. I did a class with Lifebook 2016 under the guidance of Tamara Laporte who, is not a qualified art therapist but essentially practices art therapy to a large group of followers all around the world. She talked about the concept of the ripple effect, you not knowing what small acts, however insignificant, and the effect that they had in the worlds order. I very thought provoking exercise and one well worth undertaking to help delve into the portions of our pysch that are associated with low self esteem and negative self talk.