Peta Thompson HH Dip (A.Th.).

What is Art Therapy?

Definition: Art therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The creative process involved in expressing one’s self artistically can help people to resolve issues as well as develop and manage their behaviors and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness.

You don’t need to be talented or an artist to receive the benefits, and I am a professional who can work with you to dive into the underlying messages communicated through your art, which will aid in the healing process.

I work closely with the Logan Womens Health and Wellbeing group of practioners to provide workshops and individual Art Therapy sessions that will promote and encourage the health and wellbeing of women in Logan, Qld.

I will be regularly posting my events and workshops on the Events page on this site for those that want to follow and participate in my workshops.

If you would like to contact me you can email me: or go to my facebook page:

 My goal is to help my local community live their lives with purpose and happiness.